1. Katelyn Baker

    Concentrating On Cannabis - Shatter, Sap, And Sugar

    In my ongoing multipart series on concentrates I've looked back over the past 5,000 years, from butter to hash to the introduction of solvents. This week I'll talk about the concentrates you will most typically find in a dispensary: light hydrocarbons, or BHOs. Coming in a myriad of forms, BHOs...
  2. L

    Has anyone had droplets of sugar seeping from calyxs?

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  3. S

    I cant find any information about my stems secretion of sap

    These spots will rub off a nd are oily underneath
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