1. Tomula

    My DIY carbon filter/scrubber for 16$

    Hello everyone. I know, the smell, it's nice, it's great. But if you need to hide it and do not have the money for some nice and shiny carbon filter, you can get inspiration from mine- ugly and not so shiny- but definitely working one. It has very low drag and I have tested it with strong...
  2. I

    Help with a couple questions on a perpetual setup

    First, does it make more sense to run 2 separate flower tents, or 1 big one? Pros and cons? Second, whether it be 2 flower tents or 1, one tent cannot be vented outside. So if 1 big tent is used the scrubber has to be able to scrub the entire tent with 12+ good sized plants. So I need a...
  3. MedicalMonstr

    What would I benefit more from - 600w HPS with hood or 400w & 2 300w LEDs?

    I have two tents with wierd setups as I built and am at the last stage. I currently am using lights I had lying around. So in the DR150w which is lxwxh 5x3x7 = 2 X 150w HPS.......It's bad.. I know. This is the flower tent. Only baby 12/12s so i have time. And the DS60 which is 2x2x5 holds...
  4. Vick074

    Questions about carbon filters/scrubbers trying to decide what to do with old one

    Looks, I mean smells, like my exhaust filter has expired. Been smelling it a bit more in the house lately. And just today went outside and WHEW!!!!! Pure KUSH blowing out my exhaust port, shit. Now I have been thinking about getting a longer slimmer (not so heavy) filter to hang from the...
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