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  1. Mvpdank

    Mvpdank OG Kush Auto, Coco, Sensi Coco Grow

    Ok starting this journal for myself to receive advice and anyone else who wishes to learn from my mistakes. Plant: OG KUSH X2 AUTOFLOWER Medium:CANNA COCO PROFESSIONAL PLUS Nutrients:ADVANCED NUTRIENTS SENSI COCO GROW A+B PH PERFECT Additives:GREAT WHITE,CANNA RHIZOTONIC,AN RHINO SKIN...
  2. C

    Small buds after a rather long flowering time

    Hi guys, New to the forum, and was hoping i could get some help. The plant being grown is a sensi skunk automatic and therefore should grow quickly, roughly 45 -55 days. Having initially grown on a windowsill the plant did not receive a great deal of sunlight resulting in it becoming...
  3. R

    Growing In Coco Need Advice Please - Beginner

    I just started growing in coco first time and been doing research and i think im getting stuff down i just want to know what some people think about my plants and grow set up please answer as many questions as possible thanks. Im using a 600 watt mh, coco, sensi grow a&b, cal mag, 6.0 phd water...
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