skunk#1 first grow

  1. poTgoD116

    1st time Grow Socal clone test

    So I got a blackberry clone(3 weeks) and a skunk clone(2months). The skunk seems like its at the weakest point ever so I transplantD it so I can put her back indoor at night. So far I been giving them all purpose miracle gro for nutes and I barely started maybe like a week ago before then just...
  2. E

    Abandoned Ezymarsdens first grow soiless mix skunk#1

    this is my first ever grow i have a 8 ft tall by 3 ft by 3ft 1 125w clf light 2 computer fans for exstracting air and 2 fans inside i have 2 skunk#1 plants at 3 1/2 week in veg at the mo temp is always around 73~77 f and humidity is around 60% i will post some pick and tell me wat u...
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