small brown dots problem

  1. Camer41

    Brown spots getting worse

    Hello all. Trainwreck Auto. 6 and a half weeks old since popping Using 1000w equivalent led about 30 inches away in a grow tent ProMix HP medium. Feeding Green Planet organic on their recommended feeding sced. Used less food than says to. Very small auto that flowered after 3 weeks...
  2. V

    Accidentally spilled lemon juice over leaf

    HI! I accidentally spilled some lemon juice over mi Santa Muerte (blimburn) seedling :sorry:, fortunately just one leaf was affected: So, should I cut off that leaf? or maybe the brown portion? Also, she is 23 days old and I'm growing her outdoors.. Isn't she too small for her age? Some...
  3. Y

    New to growing - Please Help!

    Hi. I'm new to this. I have six plants that are sitting in my closet. Im testing 3 in rockwool and the other 3 in coco. The 3 in rockwool doesn't look to good. It could be stressed. Or it could be a hermie. In any case, all of them are in their 4th week in flowering and it's the size of my...
  4. FrankDarko

    Aerogaren first grow - small brown dots appearing / pioneer leaves drying and curling

    Hello tokers, I am doing a first grow with the aerogarden, purely for personal supplement - not expecting anything more than an ounce - and I'm using Lowryder seeds (as you'd expect). The plant is 3 weeks old tomorrow and whilst on the whole the plant seems healthy, I have started seeing small...
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