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  1. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks' Coco Organic CMHx630 Grow With Oasis Genetics Autos Round 1

    Backstory: Round 0.5 was with photo bag seed and made it into week 4 of flower, when my oversight resulted in 4 hermaphroditic plants and very fertilized buds. I had upgraded the grow room to have it's own GFCI protected circuit, which included a new heavy duty extension cord with a very...
  2. OG Kush.jpg

    OG Kush.jpg

    1 O.G Kush in 25 Gallon smart pot with super soil under 1000W (chinese) 2 Northern Light Auto's in 5 gallon pots (left and right of large pot). Soil outback is developing super soil.
  3. J

    Sour Diesel & Northern Lights - 100 Gallon Smart Pot - Outdoor Grow

    Hey everyone this is my first post here. I am doing a grow journal for the 2 monsters I am growing this year. Tell me what you think please and enjoy. Here is the setup. : Location is a very far hike off the beaten path that leads to a field next to a tiny stream. I found it a month ago and...
  4. snack420

    Snack420's 3rd - Critical Kush - Indoor Grow - Coco - 600W MH/HPS - 2016

    Hi all, Welcome to my 3rd grow journal here at! This website has been so inspirational for me and a huge source of valuable growing information. I want to give back to the community what I can by sharing my experiences while I continue learning about the wonderful world of...
  5. F

    A New Type of Air-Pot

    I am researching air-pots and various type of fabric smart pots/pouches and cannot really decide. Aside from the outrageous prices say for the air-pots and smart pots, I find disadvantages with either type of pot. So while I am doing my research I am coming across those "Air Max Pots" by a...
  6. J

    Jozo-sha's Getting Grounded - Air Pots, Dirt and OC+

    Greets to all - :welcome: - make yourselves at home as I begin my 6th attempt at growing our beloved plant. As you might know, I ventured into hempy, OC+ and coco last time, and didn't have a very good go of it. In fact, there is only one plant of the many I had, a female OG Kush x Dutch...
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