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  1. G

    The Harvest

    Have harvested Northern Lights, the plant grew up very nice, and have harvested the lil beauty, it used to smell wicked bad when it was growing, and right after trimming, now that it is in a dark closet curing, the sweet smell has gone and now smells like green grass, does it come back after...
  2. S

    Harvest trim - QWISO & Nugs - 250w CFL RDWC - Single plant grow

    Very sativa dominant, euphoric and racey. Came from some unknown dank bagseed. Smells like skunky oranges and pineapple. 3-4 hour high, no matter the smoking method. Knocks you straight down even as a vet .
  3. M

    This has gotten serious - My girl is sick

    Greetings from Turkey bros ans sis. This is my first grow and I have two plants currently. I use cfl lambs (12 of them x24 watt) One of my babies has a kind of sickness which I cannot identify. Can you please tell me what on earth this sickness is? The other plant is ok, and starter...
  4. Z

    Wild color and aroma unknown strain

  5. M

    Bloody Skunk harvest day photos

    Hi, Did a partial harvest of my bloody skunk today. Looks and smells so good. Effortless grow.
  6. Qapla

    Serious Seeds Kali Mist & FMS C99 - Phenotypes?

    Hey guys, got one of each about 3 weeks into flower and they are starting to get their scents. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these phenos. Flower length, yield, potency, etc... The C99 I believe is the rotten pineapple pheno which I've read is supposed to be the best according...
  7. D

    Question about ozone generator

    Hi ! I am new to this and I have a question. Sorry for my english ! Me and my friend want to grow one plant. We want to be able to consume recreative canabis without feeding the mob. We want no smell, I eared that ozone generator is doing a good job for that, and we choose a low smell...
  8. R

    Trinity Closet Needs Odor HELP PLEASE!

    Hi, I have a supercloset trinity system, which is a cabinet system with two cabinets. I use both for flower. I run LED's and CFL's. It came with an ODOR SOK for each closet.. They suck. I have a 120 cfm fan blowing intake air into the cabinets... One fan for each cabinet. And another...
  9. saturnrocket

    Freshen up a smelly bowl without cleaning it out?

    hey, i've used the same color changing bowl for a long time and have worked up a solid layer of resin on the inside. the thing stinks to high heaven now and i was wondering if i could make it smell better without washing out all the color. any ideas?
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