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  1. J

    Request for advice - SnowBud - Akorn week 7 bottom leaves yellow

    Hi everyone, It's me again, the guy from the Day 20 SnowBud - Too small? Slow growth? My Snowbud / Akorn from Dutch Passion is 7 weeks old now (seed planted early June) and after a slow start (see link above) my baby is now growing a lot faster. Started giving nutes from 28 June onwards and...
  2. J

    Day 20 SnowBud - Too small? Slow growth?

    Hi all, I've been reading all your contributions for months now and finally decided to sign-up. I've started growing a SnowBud on my balcony since about 20 days. It's looking healthy but doesn't grow as fast as I've hoped, do you think something is wrong after 20 days? I'll try to add a link...