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  1. CBDbud

    CBDbud: Outdoor Soil Gorilla Glue Grow Journal, 2021

    This will be my very first "Grow journal" so, I hope I do this right. So far, this is just to check things out and get a feel for everything. Next, I gotta' discover how to upload pics to my grow journal. Until next time... :smokin2:
  2. OG Kushsta

    (7/20) NEW Menu~ South Coast Patient Center ~ to pre verify-(714)547-4800

    The NEW South Coast Patient Center Menu! (7/20) South Coast Patients Center (SCPC) 1202 E. 17th St. Suite 200, Santa Ana, Ca. 92701 Phone: (714) 547-4800 Hours: Mon. to Sat: 10a to 8p & Sun: 11a to 6p Indica Yoda O.G. - 20/60/120 (Bombay!!) Liquid Butter O.G. Kush -...
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