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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: CannabisNB To Be The Name Of Recreational Cannabis Stores In Province

    CannabisNB will be the name of the New Brunswick government's cannabis retail stores when they open next year. The government announced earlier this fall that a subsidiary of NB Liquor will operate 20 stores in 15 locations across the province when recreational cannabis is legalized in July...
  2. Ron Strider

    Australia: Hemp Food Legal From Sunday

    Expect a lot of hype about hemp next week. A great source of protein with a distinctly nutty flavor, hemp, derived from the same species as cannabis, will be legalized for Australian consumption from Sunday, November 12. That means food made with hemp products can be legally sold as food...
  3. Torst

    Vertical HID Grow

    This is my first attempt after seeing a good friend pull off 6lbs (dry) with a 2kw vertical setup. I think I am sold on vertical, this is just one 1000w HPS!
  4. K

    Canada: Majority Of Manitobans Say Marijuana Should Be Sold In Government-Run Stores

    The province's largest union says the majority of Manitobans want marijuana sold in government-run stores if legalized. The Manitoba Government and General Employees Union, which represents liquor store workers in the province, commissioned Probe Research to poll 1,000 people by phone on the...
  5. K

    Maine Communities Putting Brakes On Marijuana Sales

    Marijuana legalization may have passed in Maine, but some towns and cities are putting on the brakes, and blocking retailers from setting up shop. From Bangor to Portland, municipalities have enacted moratoriums on marijuana sales to determine zoning rules for retailers. "We need to make...
  6. K

    Ontarians Pick LCBO As Top Spot For Legalized Pot Sales

    A new survey shows many Ontarians rank the LCBO as their top choice for where legalized marijuana should be sold. The Nanos poll was conducted for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) which represents LCBO workers. The survey found more than 40 per cent of Ontarians support...
  7. K

    Pot Delay Wasting Money

    Sometime in the next year or two, marijuana will be legal for personal consumption in Canada. The federal government is currently working on the exact laws around this, but all indications so far point to it being produced, sold, and taxed much like alcohol, i.e. not sold to kids, sold...
  8. W

    I created a home built grow box sold it for 80$

    Im going to build another better one and get some money .It's pretty much like selling cabinets just with fans and lights .Have any of you sold a homeade grow box