1. E

    Male Sogouda crossed with Somari

    This is another favorite I must breed,in crossing This with 4 other strains. The lower pic is a Male SOMARI,, I will be re crossing this with Holy Grail kush,and a few other strains. I NEVER would have decided to breed,but my seed bank closed down, and I'm the last person to really collect...
  2. Barliman

    Completed Barliman's SomaRi Grow

    :welcome: Hi, Welcome to my first journal. This is my second grow and any input and advice will be cordially received. I will post some pics as soon as I can. I have 2 SomaRi by Soma and they have been fimmed today at the 5th node. I hope to veg these 2 for a further 6 weeks or so...
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