1. T

    Abandoned Autos Test: Spanish Sun V Light Tent Test Grow

    Back again with another grow journal. This will comprise of 2 plants grown outdoors in soil, basking in the Spanish sun then in a few months time the same strains in my grow tent. Growing in my own soil mix with Biobizz fertilizer. Day 1 will be when each seed sprouts. For the both...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    NV: Marijuana Dispensary Could Move To Spanish Springs

    Spanish Springs, Nev. - An Incline Village medical marijuana dispensary could get one step closer to moving to a busy Spanish Springs strip mall following a decision Tuesday. The Washoe County Board of Commissioners have already voted on this, and unanimously decided against allowing the...
  3. B

    Channel+ Outdoor Grow Journal 3 weeks from completion

    Hi guys, would just love to share with you my 2 girls, channel+ and libertyhaze, to be honest, its been a fairly catastrophic year in relative terms to both what I expected and what I had hoped for. I was due to have 10 tall bushy plants, each getting enough light to rival any californian...
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