1. J

    Northern Light auto: need help! Yellow spots

    Hey everyone got a little problem and would greatly appreciate anyone’s input. I am six weeks and all has gone well - had a mini magnesium deficiency three weeks ago and Foliar sprayed with Epsom salts and then started mixing in with my water at 1/2 tsp per litre and it worked wonders. I have...
  2. Q

    Orange splotches on leaves with pictures - Please help!

    Hello, My Soil: organic garden soil mixed with perlite My Nutrients: BioThrive Grow and Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus pH'd in the 6's My Light: 300W LED I've noticed these orange splotches and I have no idea what they are, I'm still new at growing, and I found this on my Green Crack in...
  3. LEDman

    Medibud Seedlings Leaves Yellowing & Splotching

    Hello Everyone, attached below is a picture of one of my seedlings. They're all 2 weeks old, brought up under 2x75W CFL with 6500K, approx. 10 cm above the plants. Room temps are around 22-24°C, light cycle is 18/6, I water only when the pot feels as light as a dry one, which is about...
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