stat flush capsules

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    Need to pass a drug test - Stat flush

    so I have a drug test coming up in a little over a week, pretty important. I've been clean for about 5 days but before that I was an everyday smoker. I'm about 5'8 140lbs with about 9% body fat, I'm highly active, I skateboard almost everyday, run almost everyday, and wrestle. I really don't...
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    Drug test in an hour, tested drugs within 5

    I have a drug test for a job in approximately 3 hours. I have been "around" people smoking all night, and I'm pretty sure I have it in my system. I have purchased Stat Flush 5 Capsule, and am going to begin the flush in about 30 to 45 minutes. Getting to the point, doe's anyone think I can pass...
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    Possible drug test stat flush?

    So I got STAT FLUSH 5 capsule set I have court in one week with the possible drug test and I smoked last night. According to the directions you're supposed to stop smoking 48 hours in advance but I don't plan on smoking at all this week. Anyone ever try stat flush? I'm 5'4'' and weigh around 120...
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