1. DutchDude

    Planning my next setup - harvest every 3 weeks?

    I have been thinking that I want smaller harvest, more often. Smaller plants will be more manageable, and so will a single large cola. So after reading a bunch, I am thinking of doing the Stinkbud setup, with a few modifications. I know the choices that I am about to make will not provide me...
  2. HashAssassin

    Half a LB a Month in an Aeroponic Tent

    Well that is the goal and realistically I will probably end up with more!:cheertwo: Strains: MTF, MK-Ultra, Bush Widow, Afgooey, and Flo (Blue Pheno) Lights for Veg: 1) 3' 2 lamp T5 and 2) 2' 1 lamp T5HO Lights for Flower: 1 600W HPS Medium: Aero/NFT with 3.75" net cups for veg and...
  3. HashAssassin

    H/A's Coco DIY Ebb and Flow

    Greetings. I've been thinking about growing again after taking a couple years off since having to pay for meds is not an option after being out of work for 9 months. Rummaged through the garage and found enough parts and pieces to do a DIY Ebb and Flow with a DIY 400W Halide and 400W HPS in DIY...
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