1. teejkanna


    :welcome: DarkRoom Street 60x60x140 Supergirl from Nirvana x2 its a indica / sativa mix, indica dominant it has been flowering 4 weeks now first time lst training exp & growing indoors aswell if we dont count the balcony :grinjoint: local flower store soil (without extras like perlite), 11,5 L...
  2. alientic

    Alientic's 2nd Grow of Snow White and Supergirl

    Hey :cheertwo: This is round 2 :popcorn: of my next grow of 2 Snow White and 2 Supergirl. This grow began on 3/10/09. My first grow was a little rough with the SLS nutes, so this time I'll be using Advanced Nutrients Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB), Big Bud Bloom Booster Powder, Overdrive and Grandma...
  3. alientic

    Alientic's 1st Grow of PPP, Snow White and Supergirl

    Well this is my first grow and I welcome any advice, questions, input, etc. My goal was to make the process as simple as possible. So I purchased the Cool Cab. I set the Cool Cab up last night and she’s now off and running. I decided to plant 6 seeds instead of 14. After reading several...
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