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    Swedish Cannabis Cultivation Hits A High

    Cannabis cultivation in Sweden has increased exponentially in recent years, to the degree that some parts of the country are now becoming self-sufficient, according to a report from radio station P1. While in the past, Sweden imported the majority of the cannabis sold in the country from...
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    Sweden, Cannabis Seeds, The Law & Customs

    In Sweden Cannabis seeds are legal... In Sweden horticultural lighting and growing accessories are legal... In Sweden planting a Cannabis seed in the ground and growing it is HIGHLY illegal (Excuse the pun)… Yes yes… We ALL know this… Well, do you know what Swedish customs do when they find...
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    White Widow CFL Grow

    Day 2: White Widow CFL Grow, GreenHouse seeds. First seed germinated for 1 week, and this is the second day of growth. Soil: mixed with perlite and clay balls Light: 125W CFL with reflector, 18/6 timing for veg Nutes: tap water for now, Advanced Nutrients and TNT(hesi) later on.
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