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    Veg lighting - Mars 2

    I wondered if anyone has compared vegetative growth with a mars2 all veg (blue/white) vs mars 2 veg+flower? I know the veg+flower has individual switches, but am wondering if it would still be better with both switches on for veg growth? How would either mode (just veg swich on and both...
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    Sensible Seeds - CBD Lemon Aid - Soil - Grow

    Seed from Herbies, Herbies Mobile Started in a 2.5 gallon fabric pot using Roots Organic soil under a Mars 48 Reflector Series with both switches on bloom/grow. Variable speed intake fan and 4x12" carbon filter. Joe
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    Mars II 900 vegatative/bloom switches

    Just started with this LED and have in the past had my plants on a staggered schedule so that harvest every few weeks. With this new light is it okay to have both vegatative and bloom switches both on if I am looking for growth and bud?