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  1. Under the artificial sun!

    Under the artificial sun!

    My T5HO 2,000 lumens 6500k HD lamp, with reflector on an upside down 15" diagonal tray (to keep it off the ground)
  2. Zogrowsgreen

    Hello everyone - First T5 grow

    Hi everyone im zo. This is my first grow. Im growing 3- 4 plants indoor with a quantum t5 badboy 8 bulb fixture. Saw great results from a few growers in here and wanted to start my own grow for personal use. Currently using 5x5x6'6" tent 4ft 8 bulb t5 432/468 watts . Help and tips would be...
  3. Konto

    T5 Hydro - Bodhi Dream Lotus - WOS Afghan Kush X White Widow

    Quick overview... Strain : 1 Bodhi Dream Lotus and 1 World of Seeds Afghan Kush X White Widow. Light : T5 8 Bulb - 432 Watt. Four 3000k and four 6500k. Medium : Rockwool Temp : 80 F lights on, 64 lights off. Humidity : 35% (been lazy lately on filling up my humidifers lol ) System : Ebb & Flow...
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