1. Q

    Newbie from the Great White North

    This is my baby , my first one two weeks into flowering. Cotton Candy Kush . Its been a labour of love but man 6 weeks to go and it requires a lot of attention . All I can do is nut and water and talk to her .
  2. M

    First time growing - Need some advice please!

    Hi to all and glad to be member here where we can meet others and talk about the one thing we all love. MJ <3 Okay so we have 5 plants that are 12 days from when they sprouted, I am almost positive I am watering them correctly even though I am a bit confused on what a good ph level is I was...
  3. boaz lagniapp

    Tidings from the swamps of Louisiana!

    Hello to my new 420 family. Thanks for letting me be a part of your community, and if anyone wants to greet, talk or just say hi, I'll be here and glad to communicate back. Peace!
  4. R

    Blessings All

    Hey All J.Cole here former Legislative Contact Coordinator from PGH Norml. Cancer diagnosis and moved to Florida to be near family. Currently Director of SW Florida Norml and still fighting this fight. Love to talk to anyone with info on Avidekel or very similar genetics. Hope to talk to some...
  5. Jacob Redmond

    Canada: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Giving Back To Community

    In less than a year, a medical marijuana dispensary in Whitewood has donated $90,000 to the community. "Well that's what a compassionate club was originally designed to do," owner Jerry Martin told News Talk Radio's MainStreet, "to help the community with the profits from that business, not to...
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