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  1. B

    Did I do this right? - Mainlining

    System: Top fed DWC (10 gal Rubbermaid res) Expanded clay pellets plus net pot grow media 2X 300 W full spectrum LED lamps Air circulation via tabletop rotating fans CO2 augmentation General hydroponics liquid nutrients Super thrive Plant revolution great white Seed: Unknown...
  2. Mittin

    Mitt's Mainlining Manual

    Howdy friends! First off, this won't necessarily be a manual, but I wanted another "M" word in the title... But....this WILL be a journal of me, a one year grow vet, attempting to grow four plants using the Main-Line or Manifold technique. If you aren't familiar with this technique, here is a...
  3. K

    Bud Pinching - Good Idea?

    Hey! i was just reading about this technique were you start pinching the growing buds of your plant, about 2 or 3 weeks after flowering starts, then about 2 weeks after, pinch them again and so... I have 2 plants in the second week of flower and i was thinking about trying it out. But i want...