1. MackMcMacMac

    Does this sativa plant look right to you?

    Hi! I'm a little confused about this plant and hoping someone here can straighten me out. I'm still a noob. :) I'd ordered Pyramid Tutankhamon seeds, and this is what is growing from one of them. I was under the distinct impression this was a sativa plant when I made the purchase. I've also...
  2. M

    Thin narrow curled leaves problem - Help please!

    Hi! A lot of new leaves (from 2 different strains) are rolled up (like a joint) and very thin. Please tell me what this could be! 250W HPS, in soil, 2nd week flowering thanks guys!! -Max
  3. D

    Please Help! First Grow - Droopy Thin Mints

    Some of my ladies aren't looking so healthy anymore. Grow Journal The thin mints all seem to have stopped growing and look very droopy ever since uppotting. Any advice? This is one of my bag seeds that appears the healthiest of all my ladies.
  4. D

    Thin Mints - GalaxyHydro LED - Happy Frog

    A few weeks ago I started this thread, since then my closet sat without any growth because I have been too busy to make a trip to the dispensary to get seeds or clones. Last night I went to get the Purple Kush that I'm currently smoking from a friend and he blessed me with 6 thin mint seeds...
  5. RandumbDude

    Leaves thinking and drying

    Hello, This girl here is in a DWC bucket using foxfarm nutes and distilled water. She is about 6 weeks in to flowering. Using a 1k hps Last night her leaves started to look thinning so I replenished the DWC bucket with fresh water/nutes. When I woke up this morning she looked like this...
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