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  1. Bizz Beachbum

    BizzBeachbum - BioBizz Soil & Nutes - AutoUtlimate & AutoEuphoria

    BizzBeachbum - BioBizz Soil & Nutes - AutoUtlimate & AutoEuphoria · 3 x Auto Ultimate & 3 x Auto Euphoria — from Dutch Passion · BioBizz Light Mix Soil in 15L Smart Pots · 2 x 450W ViparSpectra LED and/or 600W HPS · Temp: 15-25C, RH: 35% — 45% · Nutes...
  2. A

    New Cannabis Cultivator — A Few General Questions

    First — HI to all and :thanks: in advance. I've read lots and am just getting started with my first grow. Please comment on these few concerns I'm a bit unclear about. Background = Soil, HO T-5 germ & seedling, 4 x 4 foot tent, 1000w aircooled HPS, passive intake/active exhaust, 9 fem'd...
  3. T

    Timmy Haha's White Widow Auto DWC Grow

    Seeding Day Haha! I didn't know what else to call today, as I've only just soaked the seed for 24 hours and popped it in a rapid rooter tonight! I'd like to get this thread started, though, because I'm closing out my first grow journal tonight and wanted to get this new journal started and...
  4. yyc420

    Autoflower Topping

    I pose this question to anyone that may have an informed opinion. Some do and some don't top, try or don't try, experiment and see what happens...I get that. What I've been thinking a lot about is, does it not (seem) to make sound sense that it would be somewhat less risky if a person was...