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  1. John C

    KingJohnC's Twilight Groups LED 432W Spider COB Seed Cabinet Grow Journal & Review

    Welcome to my KingJohnC's Twilight Groups LED 432w Spider COB Seed Cabinet Grow Journal and Review! This grow journal is sponsored by Twilight Groups LED Twilight Group Co., Ltd Crab led aquarium light, LED Aquarium Light, CREE Aquarium Light, LED Grow Light, LED Hydro Grow Light...
  2. Greenthumb J

    GreenThumb J's Twilight 165W LED Grow Journal & Review - BC SweetTooth - DWC

    :welcome: back everyone! I'm ready to go with my newest endeavor! I just finished up my first grow on :420: in my BC Northern Lights "Producer" model grow box, and have started up a journal documenting the grow of the clones i took from the Widow in my veg room as well as the seedlings i have...
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