under watered

  1. S

    Under or over watered? Or other?

    Hi all, Could anyone please give indication as to what they think is the issue with this plant. The 2x other plans in the room are healthy and under the same feeding schedule and environment as the plant of concern. They have just been switched to flower 3 days ago and the struggling plant...
  2. D

    I can’t grow in soil

    Every time I have used soil my plants start out great for the first few weeks but then it always goes south and they end up looking like this. They always end up drooping and start to loose color from bottom up. I’m using fox farm ocean forest in 3 to five gallon fabric pots. Ph my water at 6.5...
  3. Hypnotic420

    First time grower looking for helpful tips

    I’ve run across random seeds from people I know that grew random bud and they gave me a bunch so I started to grow them. The first two plants I grew I did with the 18/6 light indoors and one plant died from root rot. For some reason the roots weren’t absorbing the water and nutes. The soil was...
  4. H

    Nute problems?

    which nute problem do I have is it toxic or deficient and How do I figure out which one to try and fix first? these smaller plants up front are from seed, in clay only, they were healthy when i transplanted, not sure of the problem everything seems to be right ph, ppm, temp, etc.. but the plants...
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