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unknown bag seeds

  1. YahBoiNothing

    Unknown Strains, 3 Plants: DEC

    Bucket Size - All will be transplanted into 1 fallen final pots. Medium - Soil Lights - (1) 450Watt Dual Spec Omega CFL Nutrients - PLANTAFOL PLUS {20-20-20, 30-10-10 & 10-20-20} Strain(s) - Unknown # of Plants: 3 Yield : {will update}
  2. R

    My first grow week 3

    Had some seeds decided to try my luck after watching a few YouTube videos. Any recommendations or suggestions to help?
  3. Commando45

    Week 4 flower, bigger plants an unknown bagseed, just over 16 weeks old: 12/12 for 4 weeks smaller big nugs fast, 7 weeks old flower, 17 days

    How they looking, both lst'd, bagseed unknown had various branches topped one branch threw out 3 big colas
  4. steelcap956

    Cleaned up my son's old room

    So I was deep cleaning the room my 18yr old was living in for a long time and found a bean deep in a corner. Germed it paper then straight to Aerogarden7 LED. Probably Mexican brick. We will see....
  5. Unas369

    CFL - Soil - Bag Seed - Unas's Mini Box Grow - 2018

    Hello, and welcome to my grow journal. I believe you will enjoy this one since you don't see too many "poor man's" grows here :). I mean, when is the last time you saw a CFL, bag seed grow? Obviously, all comments (critique, advice, thoughts) are more than welcome. Setup: Grow box: H 45 x...
  6. L

    My First Outdoor Grow - Unknown Bag Seed - Sativa Strain

    Hey Everyone I know Its Early To Grow Outside but there is nothing to stop you from doing it. Well this journal is for 1 plant it's 2 weeks old plant. it just finished her 2nd set of true leaf and it developed 3 nods. i have LST the plant to experiment this LST method. i added 20-20-20 NPK...
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