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  1. Bounce3d

    Mango Kush & GSC 2nd Grow

    have started a new grow same specs as my last grow, same nutes, lighting 2 x GSC - clones 1 x Mango kush - Monster cropped re-vegged clone just waiting on the GSC to catch up with the Mango, so Mango isnt in my box yet super excited about this one, with my upgraded box with AC
  2. *600W-MH/HPS*


    6"-Air Cooled-Dimmable-600W-MH/HPS Combo
  3. P

    The Corner Cabinet

    Was snooping around the local Habitat For Humanity thrift store and found a nice corner kitchen cabinet for $10.00, so I decided to upgrade my growing space from the Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0. On to the pictures: Right now it is crammed packed, but once the Auto's finish that tub...
  4. Teddy Edwards

    Website Down For Upgrades

    On Thursday, 18th February, we are installing new, faster hard drives and upgrading RAM. Unfortunately, whilst this is being done the server will be down and the site inaccessible. Work is scheduled to begin at 10am PST and will take between 2 and 6 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience...
  5. T

    Light upgrade

    600 watt hps vs. 10 4ft t8s how much would my yield increase going from t8s to hps. currently getting almost an ounce a plant
  6. G

    Questions on upgrading my grow

    I've been successful with CFLs in a rubbermaid container and now I'm looking to build a bigger box and upgrade to HPS/MH. I've read up that those lights put out light in a more squared area, but I wanna build a box at this dimensions: L 5ft x W 2ft x H 6ft My questions are how may pants (Alien...
  7. T

    Upgrading Cabinet - Your Ideas Please

    A couple years ago when I put my cabinet together in my basement, about 80 cubic feet, I committed to a 4" system: an open air hood (400w hps/mh), a 4" 170cfm fan, a filter corresponding in size, 4" ducting. Now I want to upgrade my hood to air-cooled, and upgrade the light to 600w. The new hood...
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