1. G

    Need help on plant id

    I bought these clones 3 weeks ago. 2 of each: GSC, GDP, G13 and Utopia Haze. All are growing nice except my "Utopia Haze" pic attached. Other pic is other plants...GSC, GDP, and G13 H. According to plant charistics of Utopia that I have researched this plant isn't Utopia H. The plant is 12"...
  2. Optimus PrimeBud

    First Ever Tent Grow Using CFLs

    Hey everyone! Long time no see but hey I'm back! Not only that but I've upgraded considerably. First I got a new tent that is huge also got myself a full filtration setup and all. Working on setting up my HPS and ballast next ;) Anyway so here is the breakdown. Growing currently: Veg...
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