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  1. Ron Strider

    MA: House, Senate Pot Bill Differences Upset Marijuana Legalization Supporters

    A new version of a recreational marijuana bill is set to come out of committee in the Massachusetts House of Representatives Monday, and some marijuana legalization supporters aren't happy with it. Massachusetts House and Senate members have until the end of the month to hammer out a bill...
  2. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana Implementation In Florida Is About To Spark

    Florida House of Representatives members voted near unanimously Tuesday to approve implementation rules for medical marijuana, after weeks of back and forth negotiations among members of both the House and the Senate. The vote is a huge step toward implementing Amendment 2, which voters...
  3. Colesdad

    Temp controlled hand held vaporizer?

    First, in a rookie, so this may be a weird question. I know there is a table top version of the volcano that allows you to adjust temp. It's there a hand held, portable version of something similar? My friend tells me vape pen, the liquid refillable type, can be adjusted for the heat/impact of a...
  4. H

    Waiting for my first tent! Suggestions on setting up please

    Sup everyone! So im extremely stoked and finally pulled the trigger on my getting my first tent (48"x36"x70") that i saw on ebay and figured pretty practical/budget. now got the shipment notification today and thanks to the free shipping from UPS Ground, i should receive in about a week or...
  5. S

    Can't search or upload pics?

    I can only search using the mobile version on my phone and if I go onto the desktop version it just says protocol error? Can anyone advise this has only happened over the last week or so