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  1. Rich Farmer

    Vortex brewer for AACT!

    Finished my vortex brewer. I think I'll still make some tweaks to it eventually. The spout is pretty low so I'll fix that soon. Aside from that it works great! I ordered a 3gal plastic carboy off Amazon. And a 1" uniseal. This is checking for placement. Drill with home saw 1...
  2. D

    Ipower versus Vortex 6" inline fan

    Hey 420, Like the title says, I'm trying to decide between an Ipower or a vortex 6" inline fan. The vortex is about double the price... So does that mean it's double the quality? Thanks
  3. K

    GSC or Vortex? TGA

    Ok Gang, I am going to need some help on this one. I dropped a GSC and a Vortex and got them mixed up.... I need your help what is what... GSC is from a local.. Vortex- umm well just Saying TGA...The Pics have started...
  4. cptbubblehash

    Soil-vortex grow journal-2012

    This is my 2nd time growing vortex but it is my first time cloning. I took 13 clones off a mother plant that was my buddies. I put them in the dome about 5days ago i used Olivia rooting gel and im using A-OK plugs. my room is a odd 5 1/2ft x 4ft as you will see. During veg i will be dividing the...
  5. M

    Quieter Fan? Active Air - Can Fan or Vortex?

    I have an Active Air 6" in line fan that blows 268CFM and it seems like a loud little mother. Just got it hooked up and ducted and it seems to make more noise when turned down low with a blower speed control. Its the vibration of the metal housing on the fan that's the main culprit. I've...
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