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  1. G

    Rain Washed Potting Soil Question

    I have to go very cheap. Have 4 FMS C-99 plants. One I nearly killed with a little urine while tiny and 3 normals. 2 have showed first flower and 3rd ought to within a week. I found 2 gallon bags of Miracle-Gro Pro Mix for $3 a bag and filled a couple of 2 and a half gal pots with it pure. The...
  2. Sorenna

    Question about fabric pots

    Okay, so Im ready to drop some more beans. I have 3 with tails so they have to go in the dirt today. My question is after dumping the dirt and the old plant from my last grow, should the fabric pots be washed, like in the washer, or do they not need cleaned? Can they even be washed in a washer...