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    Arizona Lawmakers Eye Stricter Medical Marijuana Rules For Welfare Recipients

    State lawmakers are moving to keep people from using their welfare benefits to purchase medical marijuana, at least directly. But they've given up in their bid to keep the drug away from pregnant women. The first measure, HB 2261, is an attempt by Rep. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, to plug...
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    Random drug testing to those on welfare!

    SO, I was reading about how they are already rolling out plans to drug test randomly people on welfare more specifically those that have had a felony or criminal offense in the past 10 years. Seem's a little intrusive but on the same note necessary. I don't think that all people should be...
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    Determination Of The Setup

    :welcome: Hi there guys, I am a decently new grower! I had a small ghetto grow which I had transplanted into the woods. It reached 5ft before being cut down and a red tape flag around the base (I abandoned quickly). I have a full basement at my palms the fact of not having cash to invest is a...
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