1. Transkei (Holly)

    Transkei (Holly)

    This is a Transkei origin plant. Normal seed popped on 12th September 2020. Grown outdoors in the ground on the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. F

    Wild Thing

    Any growers using wild thing nutrients from All Seasons Garden Centre in Edmonton?
  3. Ron Strider

    Organic Wild Seaweed Makes An Excellent Case For Growing Outdoors

    If a cannabis plant grows in the forest and no one's there to tend to it, will it eventually bear beautiful, tasty buds? You might have your doubts, but Vancouver cannabis enthusiasts who have had the privilege of ingesting a little Wild Seaweed know that the answer is a resounding 'yes'...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    NJ: Funeral Home Director Claims He Was Fired For Using Medical Marijuana

    Ridgewood - A licensed funeral director has filed a lawsuit against his former employers, alleging they fired him after learning he used medical marijuana to treat cancer symptoms. Justin Wild, 39, of Saddle River claims in court papers he was prescribed and used medicinal marijuana after he...
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