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  1. AnimaSola

    DIY Colloidal Silver

    Supplies : Four 9v batteries 3 jumper wires with aligator clip ends One 33k oHm resistor Pure 99.999% silver wire (not sterling or jewelry silver wire) Distilled water Large glass jar/vase/mug Cardboard piece Multi meter/tester Poke two holes in the cardboard piece a few inches apart and poke...
  2. D

    My plant stem is splitting - Any help?

    Can my plant die if i take the wire off? This is my first grow lol...
  3. H

    Electrical component question for wiring driver to AC power cord

    okay guys quick question.. i have a driver, and an ac power cord. both have 3 wires. solder them together, boom the wire has power.... AND there are 3 AC leads left exposed. my question is what options or products exist to insulate that wire, preferably in a weatherproof and/or...
  4. D

    Low Street Training with WHICH ITEMS?

    good evening and mornings people I have been reading about LST for time now. But there is one question that came to my mind. People advise to train the plants with a lot different tools Copper wires, electrical cables are the most useful ones.. as I thought. But isn't it bad if I dig the...