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  1. S

    Anyone know what this is?

    I’m growing a single auto flower plant outside. It’s been getting eaten so I figured I’d investigate. I seen these tiny white worm looking things. I just want to know what they are and how to get rid of them at the transition stage between veg and flower.
  2. D

    Advice needed! Organic subtropical grow

    Hi there, this is my first post and 2nd grow (no nutes used on my first grow). I live somewhere that makes it hard to find alot of stuff so I will tell you what im planning and let me know what you think. All tips and advice with be greatly appreciated. Im planning on vegging 3 to 4 fem...
  3. G

    Boosting MiracleGro

    Budget requires me to use the best soil for cost. Miracle-Gro pro is pretty cheap here and was figuring to use it, but wanted to ask if there are some low cost (and I mean like no or little money) things I can add to Miracle_gro to make it better for pot? Was going to look at worm castings...
  4. K

    250W HID Soil & Passive Hydro

    Hey everyone I'm back!!! Not starting from the beginning cause I forgot to take pics. Here's the setup: SunLeaves 250w MH/HPS ballast Two topped plants in soil amended with Dr. Earth tomato and herb organic fertilizer and worm castings One cloned plant in high density foam in passive...
  5. Sochi

    Worm Castings

    Any opinions out there on the use of fresh worm castings in a soil mix for indoor cannabis plants? I have a very healthy worm bin and have just harvested a batch. Just wondering if others have used fresh castings--not dried store bought castings. Fresh ones haven't been processed and harbor lots...
  6. Desertrat60

    Vic's Super Soil Ingredients?

    Hey folks , I finally have my new 80 gl. Composter done and it's great but empty ! I'm following Vic's Super Soil Recipe . So far I've got these ingredients on hand . 3.8 cuft. of Promix Vermiculite Worm Castings - 15 lbs. Kelp Meal Bone Meal Blood Meal Crab Meal Rock Dust I still...
  7. Bacondoggy

    Ok how to plant and plant mix

    The "sprout" down, right? 1" down? I just got 2 sprouts (bag seeds) these are my first ever what should I plant them in and I have no lighting should I grab a cfl put it in a small pot to take outside? What should much mix be? I have organic soil manure perlite peat all mixed together will that...
  8. S

    Why are some worm castings worthless?

    My personal composting worms produce only 8 cubic yards of organic vermicast yearly that is harvested each spring. Rapid production of worm castings from low nutrient feedstocks does not make quality castings. Shredded maple leaves, alfalfa, cornmeal, oatmeal and barley produce large...
  9. N

    6 1/2 weeks flower

    just gave her some worm tea,.... hows she looking?
  10. aknoob

    Weird white worm-like creature by clone

    So I decided to try and clone one of my top colas from my white widow. The clone is only in water and the soil around this is shot glass is to try to prevent the light going to the bottom of the stem where the root will hopefully grow. I noticed this worm when I was going to moisten the leaves...
  11. dumme

    Aeroponic aquaponic worm beds

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