A 37-year-old man who is legally permitted to smoke marijuana to help him
manage his multiple sclerosis has been ordered out of his subsidized housing

Eric Young says the BC Human Rights Commission will be investigating his
claims that his landlord, Capital Regional Housing Corporation (CRHC) along
with three private citizens, have discriminated against him for his physical

Young says he received an eviction notice Friday (Jan. 25).
The CRHC declined comment on the matter.

"I understand that the Human Rights Commission has completed their
investigation and I can't discuss any notices that have - or have not - been
served on Mr. Young," CRHC spokesperson Amy Jaarsma told the News.
Young believes that the eviction notice may be due to a sign that he posted
in the window of his house to remind his neighbours that his marijuana use
is legal and he alleges the CRHC has failed to exercise appropriate
responsibility to mitigate harassment from his neighbours. He also claims
that agents of the CRHC have tried to prevent him from exercising his legal
right to smoke marijuana and that the eviction notice is just the latest
example of prejudice.

"I think the eviction notice is a malicious action by the CRHC," charges
Young, who adds that he finds the timing of the eviction notice suspicious
given that the CRHC only received notice of the human rights complaint last

"It's retaliation, I guess, for me filing the human rights complaint," he

However, Young will not accept the eviction notice without a battle.
"We're taking this to arbitration," declared Young.

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