Delta Police officers discovered an indoor marijuana grow operation with
some unusual defences Tuesday - someone had booby-trapped the house with
two devices designed to deliver a jolt to intruders.

Sgt. Barb Melymick said officers searching the North Delta residence found
a crude, but effective home-made cattle prod and a booby trap designed to
deliver a substantial electrical shock to someone entering the downstairs
of the house in the 11400 block of 72 Ave.

'It wouldn't kill you - it would zap you, similar to a Taser (a police
weapon used to shock suspects into submission),' Melymick said.

It's not unusual to find weapons in grow-ops to protect the illegal
businesses against drug rip-offs, but these types of devices are very
unusual, Melymick said.

Both contraptions were unplugged at the time officers were searching the
house as the result of a reported home invasion.

Three hooded males forced their way into the house Tuesday and left in a
blue van with a number of a marijuana plants, pursued by an Asian man
apparently tending the home. Melymick said the grow-op appeared to have
been running 'for at least three years,' based on the deteriorating
condition of the house interior.

Pubdate: Fri, 16 Aug 2002
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Surrey Leader
Author: Dan Ferguson