Coos Bay, OR. The new Waterfall Clinic chronic pain care policy: If you have extremely severe or multiple severe injuries and/or conditions where you use narcotic opioid pain killers AND use the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card to include medical cannabis for your problems like I and about 85% of the patients there use; we now have to choose immediately which we will use.

Now you can either have a reduced dosage of the narcotic (with this new policy, they have limited the dosages for all opioid pain killers considerably – a double whammy!) and no cannabis or just the cannabis. I have inoperable surgeries (2 knee replacements - verified MRI. 2 herniated discs in lower back - verified MRI) then as much as I wish it would, no amount of any strain of cannabis in the world will do much for that kind of 24/7 pain. I was able to stop (voluntarily) taking 120 Dilaudids/month and stop the increase in dosage of my Morphine.

The new policy here in Coos Bay, OR. was copied after a Washington State law for all clinics there. My prejudice health care provider (she hates marijuana) also an administrator at Waterfall Clinic is trying to make that policy Oregon Law like Washington State. This dangerous and I am learning, very pain-escalating policy is dangerous to any medical cannabis programs any where.

I need legal help to fight this in their arena. I am poor and live on $600/month disability. Obviously I haven't been able to get any attorneys to even respond to my plea for help about this. If any one has any responses, comments or knows of any where I can get help or learn how to fight them myself; please comment! This is just the old aged 'Reefer Madness' battle going on again.

I’m open to any suggestions though. Thanx for reading this! RK