Hey guys I just got a bag from my usual guy. he tells me this stuff is great It doesnt smell good really but I take it home.

After taking a bud out I notice its very moist so moist in fact I wonder how ill smoke it. Indeed its haRD TO KEEP lit.

After smoking a bowl I thought maybe id take a close look under the light.

Alas what do I see Yellow Mold.

After a long search there is very little info out there about yellow mold affecting weed. so I though Id share some info and pics of my situation.

This is a peanut covered in yellow mold.

This is a small part of a bud I had already destroyed most of it before I thought to take pics

The mold is insides the buds throughout hard to notice and Im sure we smoke some all the time but I cant bring myself to smoke this.

some info on yellow mold and its effects.
Disease in humans
A. flavus is the second most common agent of aspergillosis, the first being Aspergillus fumigatus. A. flavus may invade arteries of the lung or brain and cause infarction. Neutropenia predisposes to aspergillus infection.
Aspergillus flavus also produces a toxin (aflatoxin) which is one of the aetiological agents for hepatocellular carcinoma. [2]
Appearance in culture
A. flavus grows as a yellow-green mold in culture. Like other Aspergillus species it produces a distinctive conidiophore composed of a long stalk supporting an inflated vesicle. Conidiogenous cells on the vesicle produce the conidia. Many strains of A. flavus exhibit a greenish fluorescence under UV light that is correlated with levels of aflatoxin production.
Mold damage
A. flavus is particularly common on corn and peanuts, as well as water damaged carpets, and is one of several species of mold known to produce aflatoxin which can cause acute hepatitis, immunosuppression, and hepatocellular carcinoma. The absence of any regulation of screening for the fungus in countries which also have a high prevalence of viral hepatitis highly increases the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma.