420 Magazine Mission Statement


420 Magazine exists to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world. Not another person should suffer incarceration or stigma because of these unjust laws. 420 Magazine believes Cannabis prohibition will end as more people become aware of the true benefits of the plant. 420 Magazine is the vehicle that provides you with the scientific and anecdotal advice of Cannabis experts in the areas of cultivation, medical, social and legal matters. Our community provides support to those bringing Cannabis awareness to the world.

We believe each human has the right to consume a plant in his or her own body, government should repeal all laws violating this right and those incarcerated for Cannabis offenses should be set free.

Cannabis is a medically wondrous plant. It provides a safe alternative for pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite-inducement, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation medication. Its properties have been demonstrated to fight cancer, and provide relief to the seriously ill and dying as well as those challenged with anxiety and depression. Millions of people have shared the medical benefits of Cannabis throughout the centuries.

420 Magazine believes farmers shall have the right to grow and profit from Industrial Hemp–one of the strongest, environmentally friendly substances on the planet. Industrial Hemp is a natural fiber found in everything from rope to the finest clothing designs. It shows benefit as both a food form and as a health and beauty aid. Hemp is the environmental answer to the elimination of our dependence on earth-destroying fossil fuels. The Hemp bounty will end oil wars, deforestation, pollution, acid rain and global warming.

The Mission of 420 Magazine is to repeal Cannabis prohibition by promoting international Cannabis awareness to the masses.


  1. We are here for you and support you fully brothers and sisters!! Let me know what I can do to futher help this just cause. Peace and God bless,

  2. How sweet it is (freedom of choice) when it happens. The day is in our hands ,vote legalization .people do not belong in jail because of a green natural plant.

  3. Hello friends and folks of my gereration, the graduates of the Class 0f 1968.  Don’t you think the time has come to support groups like 420 Magazine?  If you want to help end our constant wars with oil rich nations, and help America become a  healthier society in body and mind I feel it’s our job as citizens to learn about the history and benifits of the Hemp plant.

  4. Hello fellow Mr. Class of 68. You graduated the yr of my birth & I totally agree with you. I am a breast cancer survivor & without it would not have been able to go through treatment!!!! Need to get it legalized all over!!!!

  5. hurt so bad, wish i had someone to talk to that understood.  not wanting to smoke just to get high, just need relief from the pain. dont know how to contact anyone…new here.

  6. Export this magazine en the information to Europe! There is little known about cannabis and its benefits under the ‘common folks’ here (in Belguim). Today i’ve show the documentary ‘what if cannabis..cures cancer’ to my parents. Have had a lymphoma in my neck myself, and i believe that marihuana helped me survive. We want legalization here, because criminals intend on making money of this plant and add filthy chemicals that make the marihuana heavier!