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Australia – Cannabis Supporters Divided Over Legislation

Why cannabis enthusiasts are divided over legislation to legalise recreational marijuana in AustraliaBy his own admission, Tom Varga gets high on his own supply. The...

Connecticut Senate Bans Synthetic THC Products

The Connecticut Senate Monday moved to tighten the State's regulated cannabis marketplace, banning the sale of synthetic THC and high-potency products that are currently...

President Biden Signs Law Expanding Research On Cannabis

President Biden signs the first standalone cannabis reform legislation Key Takeaways What Happened: After unanimous consent from the Senate, President Biden signed into law the Medical...

420 Magazine Plant of the Month: November 2023

ASxG - Day 119 - Flower 64 - 2586 plant
We are always on the look-out for great examples of our beloved plant, and November's Plant of the Month winner, voted for by our knowlegable membership, is certainly that. It's a stunning, indoor-grown Alani...

420 Magazine Photo of the Month: November 2023

Amnesia Trance - 4 photo
Our Photo of the Month contest is all about the quality of an individual photo. It is judged on composition, lighting, creativity, originality and general quality. We love showcasing 420 Magazine cultivators’ photography, so we...

420 Magazine Nug of the Month: November 2023

cherry_gar_final_1_web November
The winner of the November Nug of the Month contest has produced a frosty wonder from his stash - a great example of Cherry-Gar-See-Ya​, well-trimmed and beautifuly photographed. The talented grower and this month's...

420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month: November 2023

GT Day 109 flower (1) grow
Our Grow Journal of the Month contest celebrates the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine as nominated and judged by the 420 Magazine member community. Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious...