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Mississippi Medical Marijuana Dispensary Fights Ad Ban

The Mississippi medical marijuana advertising ban is preventing a small dispensary from attracting customers Tru Source owner Clarence Cocroft is arguing in a federal...

Mississippi MMJ Patients Pay The Price For Relief

Zach Draine is an Army veteran living with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder in Brandon, Mississippi. He bought his first medical cannabis at...

MMJ Investors In Mississippi Focus On Lab Testing

‘Building an Industry’: MMJ Investors Focus On Lab Testing For Patient SafetyPharmacist Cliff Osbon of Madison became passionate about legalizing medical marijuana in Mississippi...

Mississippi’s MMJ Office Is Struggling

"The state threw them to the wolves": Mississippi’s Health Department struggles to manage massive medical marijuana program Behind closed doors, Mississippi’s eight-person medical cannabis office...

420 Magazine Plant of the Month: December 2023

Apple Betty Plant of the Month
This month's winner of Plant of the Month is a bit of a monster, heavy with flowers. It's a greenhouse grow in Coco and yielded about 5lbs. A very worthy winner of our last...

420 Magazine Photo of the Month: December 2023

PhotoOTM Dec 2023 photo
The 420 Magazine Photo of the Month contest isn't about a plant or a nug - we have separate contests for those. The Photo contest is all about the quality of the individual photo...

420 Magazine Nug of the Month: December 2023

Nug OTM December 2023 nug
A very pretty winner this month. It's a colorful and frosty nug, all dried, cured and ready to smoke, of Marshmellow OG. The talented grower who picked this from his stash is Sparkey224, who...

420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month: December 2023

Grow Journal of the Month Dec 2023 grow journal of the month
The 420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month is voted for by our valued members. Every month nominations are submitted by members, and when it comes to voting we ask everyone to consider the...

Azimuth: 420 Member of the Month December 2023

Azimuth: 420 Member of the Month December 2023
For our 420 Magazine Member of the Month contest we're looking to thank those members that help and support our site in so many under recognized ways, such as: Greeting new members Helping people with questions Peacemakers Activism...