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Marijuana Legalization In Florida On Brink Of Victory

Two recent polls indicate that marijuana legalization on the Amendment 3 ballot measure in Florida. Is likely to gain enough votes to pass in...

Florida Sen. Rick Scott Says He’s Voting Against Recreational Pot

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. Says he'll be voting in November against a ballot amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in his state. A deeply personal...

Ohio Recreational Marijuana Sales

On Friday, Ohio's 132 medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to apply for recreational sales permits. Such sales could begin by the end of June.

Cannabis Generates $19 Million For Missouri Veterans

More Than 19 Million Dollars Going To Help Veterans, and Low Income Families.

Ohio: A Land Of Recreational Marijuana Limbo

Adults can now legally possess and grow recreational marijuana in Ohio — but there’s nowhere to buy itCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohioans woke up...

New Thai PM Vows To Reverse Cannabis Decriminalization

Thai PM Call To Regulate Weed Worries Some Cannabis Advocates BANGKOK — Thailand's new prime minister has vowed to permit the use of cannabis for...

Showdown Is On: Oklahoma Nears Recreational Vote

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KOKH) — The showdown is on as groups argue both for and against the legalization of recreational marijuana in Oklahoma. On Mar....

Smacked: Manhattan’s Second Recreational Weed Store

Smacked, Manhattan’s second legal, recreational cannabis dispensary is slated to open as soon as next week in Greenwich Village. The new pot-shop known as Smacked...

Maryland Projected To Legalize Recreational Use

Maryland voted heavily to legalize recreational marijuana use Tuesday night, according to an Associated Press projection, joining the wave of legalization that has swept...

420 Magazine’s Plant Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Plant Of The Month Winner @noydb07
Major Props to our member @noydb07 and their amazing Headband X Moneybush plant, earning the distinguished “Plant Of The Month” Title & Badge...

420 Magazine’s Photo Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Photo Of The Month Winner @HappyHazmat88
Congratulations are in order for our member @HappyHazmat88 and their incredible photo of the month titled "Xylem Sap Oozing From Blueberry Cookies...

420 Magazine’s Nug Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Nug Of The Month Winner @Braddah Waiheesohai 
Sensational representation from our member @Braddah Waiheesohai and the beautiful frosty 'Super Boof' Nug, earning the honorable “Nug Of The Month”...

420 Magazine’s Grow Journal Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Grow Journal Of The Month Winner @Ke0ncp
Congratulations to our member @Ke0ncp and their winning Grow Journal of the Month, earning the distinguished “Grow Journal of the...

420 Magazine’s Member Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Member Of The Month Winner @Carcass
Kudos to @Carcass for this remarkable achievement, our 420 Magazine Member of the Month, earning the distinguished “Member of the...