Cannabis Brand With A Mission

Khemia management team includes, from left, Kimberly Cargile, chief compliance officer; Manndie Tingler, chief revenue officer; and Mindy Galloway, CEO. Photo: Khemia

Khemia Manufacturing is an environmentally-conscious cannabis brand founded and led by women. In March, Khemia announced that its craft cannabis products will now be available in Washington.

Khemia is the industry’s only women-owned, social equity-focused Management Services Organization. Founded in 2018 and based in Sacramento, Khemia is on a mission to revive cannabis artistry and preserve cannabis history.

It was founded by three women – Kimberly Cargile, Manndie Tingler, and Mindy Galloway. They were all strong cannabis activists working primarily with growers. When Proposition 64 legalized personal use and cultivation of marijuana in California, they were concerned legacy growers might not survive the new industry specifications.

The women joined together to form Khemia. The company continues to maintain its core values by partnering with small-batch, social equity qualified growers who practice regenerative farming techniques to promote a healthier ecosystem and combat climate change.

Additionally, the company has a strong female focus. Its products are created and packaged with women in mind. Strains are given floral names like Sapphire Tsu, Luna Harvest, and Celestial. It creates organic infused drinks such as Chakra Chia and Cosmic Cocoa, plus signature rose petal pre-rolls. The company also plans to expand with a larger drink line and skin care products.

“Among the hundreds of brands and products currently available in the cannabis market, very few are made for and marketed to women,” said Mindy Galloway, CEO. “We’re thrilled to bring Khemia’s core values to the people of Washington and expand our cannabis community for women. We believe the women of Washington are ready for a strong women-empowered cannabis brand that understands them.”

Khemia has partnered with Soulshine Cannabis, a socially conscious indoor grow based in Renton, to cultivate premium flower for Khemia’s branded products. Soulshine produces the high-quality cannabis strains using sustainable growing practices, such as recycling organic soil to community farming programs and water and electricity conservation.

“Soulshine is proud to support the launch of Khemia in Washington,” explained Blair Krause, Soulshine’s director of marketing. “As we continue to align with partners that put our environment and community first, Soulshine’s pursuit of sustainable growing practices and packaging is in perfect harmony with the values Khemia upholds. We are excited to help spread our unifying message and create more opportunities for women in the i502 cannabis market.”

Khemia’s branded flower, pre-rolls and beverages can be found at about 20 dispensaries across the state, with further expansion planned in the next year.

“At Khemia we are dedicated to supporting farmers and product formulators whose bravery, perseverance, and dedication helped turn cannabis outlaws into cannabis business owners,” the company owners shared. “These determined citizens paved the way for patient access to plant medicine and created products to treat ailments from arthritis to cancer, and now we are the fastest-growing industry since the industrial revolution.

“Partnering with some of Washington’s best cannabis cultivators and manufacturers, Khemia aims to empower women to be proud about incorporating cannabis into their daily wellness routine.”