Erykah Badu Launches Her Own Weed Strain

Erykah Badu
Photo: Shutterstock

Erykah Badu Launches Her Own Weed Strain And Magic Mushroom Tea

Neo-soul legend Erykah Badu is launching her own marijuana strain. The announcement was made earlier this week, along with rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, with whom she partnered for the venture.

In a nine-minute promotional video, the singer announced the collaboration That Badu, a Limoncello hybrid grown by Mad Cow Genetics.

The Grammy winner explains that she wanted to do something for women and mothers who need help dealing with life’s many challenges, something that they can enjoy while still being productive and active.

“It’s very beautiful and natural, like a ballad. It makes you move lightly and helps you get through the day without being in a zoo,” says the diva, who describes the flower’s scent as a light lemon scent.

Badu also introduced her new mushroom tea box, which includes two types of psilocybin tea (Ginger Magic, Earl Grey Cream) and two functional ones (Golden Focus, Bergamot Brain Boost).

“It’s for evenings, meditations or visual quests, when you have a chance to commune with your mind,” Erykah Badu explains. “It’s really good for emotional balance, any kind of dysfunction or malfunction of the nervous system. It’s a beautiful strain and a great alternative to caffeine.”