D.C. Marijuana March


This year’s march will start in front of the White House in Lafayette Park at Noon. At 1pm we march up 16th Street to Meridian Hill park, where a concert begins at 2pm. At 2pm on the upper level of Meridian Hill Park there will be activist speakers, petitions, various organization booths, and 7 Bands!!! Come join us for a day filled with activism and awareness of the failed war on marijuana.

The 70+ years of marijuana prohibition are the very definition of failed public policy. After over 20,000,000 marijuana arrests, today marijuana is more available and drug cartels are more wealthy than ever before. It is time for us to control and regulate marijuana. This will allow for age limits on purchasing, testing for molds and pesticides, potency and warning labeling, reduced strain on the criminal justice system, and increased respect for rule of law. Marijuana prohibition puts money in the hands of criminals, as the FBI estimates that 2/3 of Mexican drug cartel profits come directly from marijuana sales. Regulation and control puts money back into the community through taxes. Furthermore, people who consume marijuana are not criminals, and they deserve the same quality assurances that consumers of other goods are guaranteed.

It is time to end the wasteful and damaging war on marijuana users. Come march with us on May 8th! ! !