CA: Compton Voters Reject Marijuana Sales In City

Photo Credit: Nanette Gonzalez

Compton voters Tuesday soundly rejected two competing proposals for regulating cannabis businesses in the city, where marijuana dispensaries and other pot-related operations are now banned.

The city’s proposal, known as Measure C, would have allowed marijuana sales while imposing a 10% business tax and banning commercial cultivation of marijuana. It was rejected 76% to 23%. The competing initiative, Measure I, included many of the same provisions as Measure C, but called for a 5% business tax and would have allowed indoor marijuana-cultivation businesses. It was rejected 77% to 23%.

The defeat of both measures means the city’s existing ban on marijuana businesses will remain in place.

Measure C also would have required dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from schools, churches, parks and child care or community centers. Measure I called only for a 600-foot distance from schools. Measure C also included a 30% local hiring requirement, while Measure I did not have such a mandate.