CA: Faulty Fire Alarm Leads Authorities To Illegal Marijuana Farm


An illegal marijuana farm was discovered after authorities responded to a faulty fire alarm.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the Ventura County Fire Department and Camarillo Police Department responded to a faulty fire alarm in the 800 block of Calle Plano on March 22. An inspection led to the discovery of the illegal marijuana grow operation. Once first responders determined there was no fire, narcotics officers were called in to investigate.

Detectives seized just under 700 marijuana plants. The building was also in the process of being converted to expand the illegal marijuana operation. Because of the alterations made to the building’s interior and electrical panels and system, the building was deemed unsafe. Detectives worked with County Fire Personnel and Code Enforcement officials to red tag the building until repairs are made to bring the building back up to safety standards, deputies said.

Detectives have identified suspects responsible for the illegal marijuana cultivation and the investigation is on-going.