CA: Placer County Bud And Breakfast Creates Unique Marijuana Opportunity

Photo Credit: Instant Media Press

Looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation rental? One listed in Placer County has some unique features.

“Why not open this up? The laws are changing,” said owner Erin Dean.

“It’s all about privacy and relaxation,” said her boyfriend and co-owner Chance.

Inside the home that sits on their plot of land outside of Colfax, it’s all new everything.

“All the comforts of home, full kitchen, munchies,” said Chance.

There is a bathroom and a shower, a sitting space with TV. Up the stairs is a bedroom loft.

The vacation retreat offers a unique experience. Coincidentally built to be 420 square feet, this Bud and Breakfast is likely the first in California to be located next to a cannabis garden.

“Cannabis friendly,” said Dean. “At our place you are actually on a working farm.”

Dean says dozens of Bud and Breakfast type rentals are popping up across the state, but none have access directly to the product.

Photo Credit: Instant Media Press

“Just stare out at the plants and enjoy the scenery,” said Dean.

A main feature of the stay is a welcome gift of up to one ounce of cannabis harvested from just outside the door.

“We’re allowed to share,” said Dean, “it makes the world go ’round.”

It’s the legal amount someone can gift to another under Prop64.

“We are not allowed to sell,” explained Dean.

Placer County has taken a wait-and-see approach to the legalization of recreational weed and the laws surrounding the cultivation, sale and distribution of the product. There are currently no regulations in place for the legal sale of weed.

Dean says she hopes for a path to retail sales in the future.

“Things are going to be changing for a while,” said Dean, “they’re just trying to figure things out.”

So for now, this retreat outside Colfax can share an educational experience with guests, while including welcome gifts cut from crops only feet away.

“We have a beautiful spot. I know that when we have people come and stay, they don’t want to leave,” said Dean.

The rental goes for $420 dollars a night. Dean says she’s had a handful of guests since opening for business a couple months ago.