CA: Reminder — Don’t Bring Pot To San Diego’s Pot-Themed Festival On Friday

Photo Credit: Brennan Linsley

Friday is “4/20” — national marijuana day. And San Diego will embrace it fully with the “Bayked by the Bay” festival, which starts at 3 p.m. at Embarcadero Marina Park, 500 Kettner Boulevard. The festivities will last until 10 p.m., and will include live music, including an appearance by Wyclef Jean.

This is the first 4/20 celebration in California since recreational marijuana went on sale in licensed stores on January 1st. So it’s important to remember that the law says that you cannot consume cannabis in public places, and the festival will be a public place. You also cannot bring cannabis products on to the festival grounds.

Don’t even think about consuming in the streets around the Embarcadero; there will be a significant police presence.

One other tip: If you’re going to consume edibles, make sure you’re careful with your dosing. You don’t want to be standing in the middle of a festival and suddenly have a bad experience.

Festival weather forecast: Skies will be mostly clear. The temperature will be in the low 60s when the festival starts and will climb to about 70. But temps will fall into the low 60s by the time the festival ends. Rain is not expected.